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We Decarbonize

When was the last time
your website was reviewed?

Free Diagnosis
Bearded man with glasses showing a bad grade
Separation wave

An unpleasant finding

Websites not optimized, slowing down your business and generating invisible pollution

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web page size in 10 years


visitor loss per second of delay


global digital energy consumption


unnecessary bandwidth

Some of our references

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Website Decarbonization Package

Optimization of your website

Showcase Website - Unnecessary Bandwidth = Lighter Website (same rendering)
We remove the unnecessary, the waste; the site looks the same, it's just lighter, faster, less polluting.
Learn more about the revision package

Two website decarbonization packages

Decarbonization Subscription

An ally for your communication team, a team focused on content, we optimize your site every month.

A website always at the top level of eco-performance.

One-time Decarbonization

It's the big cleanup of your website to catch up on years of non-optimized content.

20 to 70% of bandwidth saved after our intervention.

How does a decarbonation service proceed?

Webvert is like a garage

We analyze your website thoroughly
Free analysis report

A fixed-price quote
From 200 to 5,000 €

Optimization and decarbonation of your website
From 1 to 5 days

An intervention report and a debrief
(Figures, intervention details, recommendations, CSR figures)

Webvert’s concrete work was carried out smoothly. No interruptions affected our services or our clients.

The icing on the cake: faster loading times and better ranking on Google. It shows that it is possible to have efficient commercial tools that are also responsible.

Photo Lionel Fournier Lionel Fournier Harmonie Mutuelle, Health and Ecology Director
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The Webvert Company Manifesto

Masked woman protesting with a sign

Stop the invisible pollution of the web!

Man holding a check sign

High-performance websites for everyone!

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We don't judge content!

Woman showing a mechanic's key

Transparency and solidarity!

Read the full manifesto

The benefits observed in our clients

Speed gain
5% to 15%

Commercial and SEO boost

Ecological gain
10% to 40%

Reduce your impact on the planet

Webvert enabled us to push the boundaries even further in the eco-design projects we are currently undertaking at OCTO.

Following their work, the proposed analysis and the best practices that result from it are valuable and insightful advice that will help us maintain good hygiene on our sites. Thank you!

Photo Meriem Berkane Meriem Berkane CTO of Octo Technology
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Request a diagnosis of your website

You will receive a free diagnosis within 2 days along with a fixed-price quote.

By requesting a diagnosis, you consent to receive commercial communications from Webvert. In accordance with the law, your data will not be shared or sold to third-party companies.

Use our self-diagnostic tool

Start by analyzing the level of digital waste on your website autonomously using our self-diagnostic tool.

Learn more about our web content self-diagnostic solution.